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Bonang slams Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula and call him “tone deaf”

Mzansi media personality, Bonang Matheba in recent years as she has turned more businesswoman than media personality and an acclaimed award-winning host. As such, it seems that she cares less and less about making friends with politicians and the leading political party in order to secure political promo bags during election time.

While we will never forgot that Queen B* was part of the promotional rollout to get Cyril Ramaphosa in his presidential seat. The queen and South Africa’s only one of two certified celebrities, has worked on using her platform to call out ministers who fail to do their jobs but are always ready to take the spotlight. First it was Nathi Mthethwa, now it seems that it is Fikile Mbalula.

If there is anyone that knows the wrath of Bonang Matheba on Twitter, it has to be Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa. For years, Mthethwa had used Twitter to congratulate artists and sportspersons who have achieved milestones, or send condolences to families and loved ones that have lost media personalities or sports personalities.

However, when it came to actually doing his job, it was blue ticks all round. However, he found ways to spend his budget on miscellaneous expenditures that left South Ah thinking, “why Minister, why!” But Matheba in a matter of a few months made tweeting from Mthethwa’s camp difficult as she was ready to let him have anytime he would tweet.

This is as with every tweet, Matheba’s advice to Mthethwa was that he was useless and needed to just quit. Now, she has her eyes set on Minister of Public Transport Fikile Mbalula.

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Bonang leaves Mthethwa for Fikile Mbalula
South Africans have been in shock since the news of over 19 children who were tragically killed due to an irresponsible truck driver who was overtaking the wrong line at high speed. This took place at Pongola on the N2, a national road which many from the area continually warned the minister about as it had no traffic lights or JMPD patrolling the road with truck drivers taking free licence to drive like menaces.

@eNCA wrt to the accident that claimed 10 lives on the N2 between Pongola and Itshelejuba. I tried alerting @MbalulaFikile more than once to no avail and @SANRAL_za perhaps if u could ask them u might get an answer. I sent an SOS call and get overlooked by them.
— Jabu Hansen (@minyamadoda) September 16, 2022

Mbalula would send a brief tweet on the day, and on Sunday, 18 September 2022, he let us know that he was having a good morning as he landed in Doha, Qatar.
Matheba was quick to take to his tweet and echo the voices of many when she suggested that the tweet was tone deaf on many levels. Especially, as Mbalula besides the sidenote tweet seemed to not care much about the Pongola tragedy. A fact which many understood to be on brand for ANC ministers.

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Seemingly, Mbalula like Mthethwa quickly became aware of the power that Queen B* yields, as his next tweet was to share another tone deaf official statement on the tragedy.

But again, it only highlighted how Mbalula remains a helicopter minister as he could have moved his trip in order to support the families. But who is willing to stay in South Ah by choice as we experience loadshedding stage six or eight or ten…

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