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Here is everything you need to know about Andile Mpisane

Andile Mpisane is the son of the flamboyant business tycoon Shauwn Mkhize and former police commissioner Sbu Mpisane. He was thrust into the limelight when featured on his mother’s reality show Kwa MaMkhize. On the reality show, he asked his mother for R1 million, so he could go shopping with his friends. Andile became an…

Andile became an instant favourite star on the show, and many love to hate how he would spend his mother’s money unapologetically.

Besides being famous for being the son of a multi-millionaire, Andile is a hardworking young man making strides in the entertainment industry.

Andile Mpisane is a footballer, singer, actor and businessman; he has many businesses under his watch.

He co-owns the football club Royal AM F.C. with his mother, MaMkhize.

In the wake of his fame and living an expensive life, many questions have been asked about his age.

Well, the celebrated star is an ama 2000 guy who is moneyed.

 A look at Andile Mpisane’s age and academic qualifications
Andile Mpisane was born on 15 March 2001 in Durban, South Africa.

As of 2022, he is aged 21 and is among the young and wealthy stars in Mzansi.

He was born and bred in a wealthy family, and his mother treats him like a king, spoiling him with all the good things this world can offer.

During his 16th birthday, Andile was spoiled with an expensive birthday bash worth thousands of rands, which was complimented by a Louis Vuitton inspired-cake and Sishi Bar.

According to confirmed sources, he studied for high school at Ichapur Northland high school and passed with good grades.

He is reportedly studying for his degree at the Durban University of Technology. However, he was once trolled on Twitter that he doesn’t have a matric, so it remains unclear if he is educated.

On Andile Mpisane having 3 kids at 21
Andile Mpisane has two baby mamas and three kids.

He topped the trends when he announced that he had a daughter Flo with Sithelo Shozi.

His mother, MaMkhize, was unhappy with it as Sithelo was way older than Andile.

MaMkhize accused Sithelo of being a gold digger who trapped Andile with a baby so she could secure a soft life.

However, despite all the allegations laid against Sithelo, Andile fathered his second child with her.

He announced that he was now a father of two on his Instagram and that her mother had to forget about her beef with Sithelo and support her son.

Andile Mpisane baby mama’s Tamia Mpisane
Months after Sithelo gave birth, the two were reported to have parted ways, and Andile got engaged to 25-year-old Tamia Mpisane.

The news went viral, and the two married in an extravagant private ceremony.

After Andile and Tamia tied the knot, they announced that they were expecting a baby, and three months later, they gave birth to a baby Miaandy.

The father of three is married to a law student Tamia Mpisane. The two got married on 14 January 2022 at a private wedding.

The ceremony took place at the lavish million-dollar mansion of LaLucia owned by the Mkhizes. As of late, the couple is enjoying their marriage, and they have been spotted on different occasions going on vacations.

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