Maglera Doe Boy Celebrates His Birthday With A New Music Video Release


Maglera Doe Boy Celebrates His Birthday With A New Music Video Release. Birthday celebrations are a wonderful justification to catch up with loved ones, reflect on the year just gone by, and consume copious amounts of foodies. Being showered with lovely gifts like champagne, jewellery, and expensive alcohol.  Maglera Doe Boy Celebrates His Birthday With…

Most South African rappers have engaged in similar behavior, with some throwing expensive parties that will make headlines. Not all of them like this type of birthday celebration, but others will release new songs or hold a music event to celebrate with their followers.

Maglera Doe Boy took to Twitter to share some good news with his followers as he prepared to celebrate his birthday. Instead of receiving gifts, the rapper has decided to give his South African hip-hop fans a new music video for the song ‘Memoirs.’

“It’s my birthday today. Here’s a gift🖤 Maglera Doe Boy. Memoirs. Official Music Video. Music composed by @BillieRicch Shot and directed by @Moralephala @CloutCassette Executive produced by Maglera Doe Boy.” Tweeted Maglera. The music video presents the lifestyle of the hood and the difficulties that young people face in their day-to-day life in the townships.

Maglera is one of the South African rappers working on a music project that will be released soon. Despite the project’s delay, Maglera Doe Boy promised his supporters that it was done. This happened after he was sighted entering Universal Music Group’s distribution headquarters.

From the Kanana slums to the glamorous avenues of Johannesburg, the skilled artist has perfected his technique.

It is now up to the rapper to declare the release date of his Diaspora project, but for the time being, he has given fans some fantastic sounds in ‘Memoirs.’

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