Priddy Ugly Showers Praises On His Song Intros


Priddy Ugly Showers Praises On His Song Intros. Even though many great songs have excellent intros, there are some instances where the first few notes of a song become so instantly recognizable and iconic that they elevate the song from which they originated. Priddy Ugly Showers Praises On His Song Intros Priddy Ugly is one…

Priddy Ugly is one of the SA rappers who has mastered the art of creating great intros. The rapper arguably has some of the best song intros, and some of his body of work can attest to that. The rapper recently took to Twitter and shared a list of songs that he believes have the best intros and will have people talk about them one day.

30minutes To Soweto SOIL Magnum Opus Reminder II You Don’t Know Me Yet These were all intros & one day we’re gonna have to have a real & honest discussion about Priddy Ugly’s intros…Tweeted Priddy Ugly. The rapper has been recently getting praises and recognition following the release of the track ‘30 Minutes To Soweto.’

Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly has faced a slew of criticism from some of the SA hip-hop followers on social media. The rapper has been undervalued by many in the music industry and he has been referred to as the struggling rapper by controversial Twitter blogger Musa Khawula.

“Struggling rapper’s wife Bontle Modiselle with Reason’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Lootlove photographed by Austin Malema,” said Musa in his caption. Priddy Ugly seems not to be bothered by the criticism from way back and the one from Musa was not the first one.

As per OkayAfrica, the rapper claimed that he is the best rapper in Africa as he brushed off his haters on social media. “Common sense, I don’t need no compliments/ ’cause really, all I get is compliments/ I give a fuck about a hater in my comments section.” Priddy Ugly said.

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