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Scandal: Motshabi finally finds her real father Themba Ntuli


The actor who graced small screens in the earlier 2010s has become a household name in theatre and is therefore making his return to TV on Scandal as the most sort for face in the storyline of a troubled young girl in a quest to find her real parents. Ntuli joins in as Motshabi’s long…

Ntuli joins in as Motshabi’s long lost father who ran away from the responsibilities being a father.

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Too much speculation around who Motshabi’s biological father is has been circulated by Scandal fans but they clearly didn’t see this one coming.
Themba will grace the screens in December as he plays Father Christmas then mistakenly say his real name and surname in public which will capture the attention of Dintle and Motshabi.
Dintle and Motshabi’s father will actually mend the torn pieces of their past forgive each other and give their relationship another shot.

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