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It’s over between Makhadzi and Limpopo Boy


It’s over between Makhadzi and Limpopo Boy.The long working relationship between award-winning singer Makhadzi and his dancer Limpopo Boy has come to a sad end. Makhadzi and Limpopo Boy, whose real name is Matome Robert Thoka, no longer see eye to eye after the dancer was left behind in Mzansi when the Ghanama singer was…

Two reliable sources within the Open Mic stable told Zimoja that Limpopo Boy delayed providing his details to Open Mic’s management as they were planning their overseas trip two months ago.

“Limpopo Boy thought he was bigger than Makhadzi and took advantage that Makhadzi loves him. He wanted Makhadzi to treat him as if he was special than all the other artists.  When he was told to submit his documents, he delayed and that infuriated the management at Open Mic and they asked Makhadzi to look for his replacement for the tour,” the first source said.  Another source said that Limpopo Boy had something up his sleeves as he wanted to take on another gig with a popular energy drink.



“While Makhadzi was touring overseas Limpopo Boy was busy travelling for a dance competition. This did not sit well with Makhadzi because she wanted to travel with him overseas. What is painful is that they have replaced him with other dancers, who are doing well too. I doubt Makhadzi misses him as. she has assembled a new team of dancers,” said a second source.It’s end of the road for Makhadzi and Limpopo Boy as the two have parted ways‍. Makhadzi performed at the recent South African Music Awards without Limpopo Boy, nowhere to be seen. Zimoja sent questions to Makhadzi who did not respond but instead blue ticked us. Limpopo Boy said that, “I don’t want to talk about it right now.”‍

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