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Sad: Doctors Told Somizi About His Deadly Illness


He may be an Idols SA Judge, probably the most hilarious and most entertaining judge Idols SA has ever had. He may also be one of the richest TV and radio personalities in South Africa.However, despite living a lavish life and probably affording nearly everything he needs, Somizi supposedly spends every single day knowing well…

Some reputable companies have already cut ties with the celebrated choreographer, and individuals distance themselves from him.Somizi Mhlongo who rose to prominence after taking part in the Sarafina cast and is now an Idols SA judge.Several firms have distanced themselves from Somizi after his ex-husband, Mohale Motaung said Somizi physically abused him.These were nothing compared to life-threatening problems Somizi is faced with over the past decade. In an interview with City Press in 2017, Somizi said he was diagnosed with a terminal disease in 1999 that had the capacity to take his life within six months and is incurable.

He says he won’t name the illness for personal reasons.Somizi apparently debated whether it was worth seeking treatment and living with the chronic illness. The wealthy entertainer maintains that he’s never felt the need to tell people what his ailment actually is.“I haven’t had the courage or the need to say which one it is between cancer, HIV and diabetes ,” said Somizi.He was apparently told he only had a month to live, but God had “other plans” for him more than six years ago.Somizi explained that by cultivating a positive mind-set he was able to rise above his affliction despite numerous days when it all felt like too much.

On the other side, Somizi’s only daughter, actress Bahumi Madisakwane , revealed that she is suffering from lymphoedema – the swelling in an arm or a leg caused by a lymphatic system blockage – in an episode of her father’s reality TV show, Living the Dream with Somizi.

In the episode, Somizi bought a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps for her birthday, stating that her feet are not the same size. The condition has not stopped her from embracing and loving herself, though.The versatile actress also posted a picture on her Instagram account which showed that her two legs are of different sizes. This prompted fans to question her about the evident anomaly.The post quickly drew a lot of comments with some being downright snide and lacking empathy.

One fan asked: “Why does one leg look smaller than the other? They look out of place. It’s odd”. The comment drew a lashing from Bahumi’s fans who told the commenter off.According to MedlinePlus, lymphoedema is the name of a type of swelling.It happens when lymph builds up in your body’s soft tissues. Lymph is a fluid that contains white blood cells that defend against germs. It can build up when the lymph system is damaged or blocked.

Lymphedema commonly affects one of the arms or legs. In some cases, both arms or both legs may be affected. Some patients might experience swelling in the head, genitals, or chest.Lymphedema disease is incurable, but with the right treatment, it can be controlled.Bahumi suffering from an incurable diseaseOne fan commented about her own incurable disease: “I’m happy that you could show your true self… Took me years to accept my condition”.

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