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Babes Wodumo hits back at her trolls


Babes Wodumo has hit back at trolls saying she is sick due to her weight loss. This is coming after entertainment commentator, Musa Khawula shared a photo of the star while visiting Ukhozi FM studios which made people judge she is sick. Babes Wodumo visits Ukhozi FM. — Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) September 9, 2022 However,…

Babes could not let this slide as she commented under radio personality Jacinta Ngobese’s Facebook post stating it hurts to see people, mostly women making fun of her weight loss which occurred during and after her pregnancy.

Jacinta spoke about how her weight loss subjected her to bullying and how that made her feel. She said when she was 8 months pregnant, she lost a lot of weight because of depression.

She then called out the people who are making fun of Babes Wodumo unprovoked, “So the people who are making fun of Babes its because they don’t know how difficult being a mother is and how much of yourself you lose during that time and all you need is to be surrounded with love and kindness and people who care about you so you can at least have beautiful memories of that time.

Babes Wodumo then responded to the post and pointed out how it’s mostly women who speak vile things to her.

“I lost weight during my pregnancy and after birth I lost more weight. It hurts to see women making fun of how I look,” she said. “Is it because I’m a celebrity or because I’m a young woman who is finding her feet in motherhood? I am enjoying motherhood and I don’t know what they want from me.

“Others are quick to judge saying I am sick, I need help or I am taking drugs, just because I had a baby and my body is still recovering…I am not stressing about my weight loss because some of my friends and my sister went through the same thing.”

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