Whether you are male or female, it is vital and important to remember that your hair is your crown, so wear it with pride. It is also vital that you become presentable with your hair because it is a common character that people will normally address you based o your presentation ad appearance. No matter…

General hair care tipsChange your pillowcases often to stop bacteria going on your face and possibly causing pimples.

If you take good care of your hair you’ll be surprised by just how much your hair can grow.

When you tie your hair, don’t use elastic bands because they will only break it.

When you wash your hair, don’t scratch your scalp, rubbing is good enough.

Tie your hair with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet when you sleep. Don’t forget to treat your locks.

Don’t leave any hairstyle on for too long.

Your hair can break or tangle.

Cut your hair to give it new life and help it grow.

It will look better too.

Buy products that talk to your hair concern.

When you eat healthy, your hair eats healthy too.

What’s your hair concern? DRY OR DULL HAIRWash your hair often and towel dry it whenever possible.

Moisturise it on a regular basis, using products meant to enhance shine.

BREAKING HAIRDon’t comb your hair excessively, and don’t be rough when you do comb.

Use an anti-breakage moisturiser.DRY, ITCHY SCALPThe key word is condition.

Wash your hair with warm water using an anti-dandruff shampoo too, but careful not to use too much of it.

Take it easy with the curling, heat and blow drying and let your hair be.

What’s your hair style?NATURAL OR RELAXED HAIRWash hair at least once every two weeks and remember the conditioner.Treat your hair once a month.

Relax every six to eight weeks, focusing only on new growth. Don’t leave the relaxer on for too long.Base your scalp with hair food and moisturise your ends – the driest part of your hair.

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Don’t use too much hair moisturiser. There’s nothing wrong with curling, but avoid hair heat when possible.BRAIDS AND PLAITSDon’t get braids or plaits too tight, preserve your hairline.

Spray hair often to keep it moisturised and shining, brush any loose hairs you may have in front.WEAVESMake sure it’s not sewn on too tightly and remember not to leave it on for too long.

If you love curly, bouncy hair, don’t use heat more than twice a week.

Pony tails are cute, but don’t tie your hair too often or too tightly.

Moisturise loosely – less is more, but cover your hair

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