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Gogo Skhotheni revealed her shocking secret to Mzansi

She’s one of the most loving Sangoma and she’s kind hearted. Though being in her trip isn’t easy. It requires someone who’s further strong and important.

She has done lot of effects to help people. She has done lot of effects to guide people in their spiritual trip.

She has changed a lot of people’s lives. She has saved a lot of people’s lives.

There are people who don’t believe in Traditional effects but she has managed to make people reevaluate about their decision. She has numerous followers.

Numerous people love her however there are those who can not stand her because they feel like what she’s doing on social media is wrong. She’s one of the most remarkable woman.

lately she posted on her Facebook that people should get a 2l bottle and a piece of paper. They should write everything that they want down.

The 2l should have water outside. You’ll fold the paper and put it into the bottle and shake.

You left it for that day and the following day you start using the water when you bath. When the water is finished you’ll leave the paper to dry and you burn it.

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