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Khwezi is not carrying Lehasa’s baby

Skeem Saam’s Khwezi’s baby bump appeared to be bigger since the last time audiences saw her… her pregnancy prompted some viewers to predict that she might not be pregnant with Lehasa’s baby after all.

Viewers of the educational soapie Skeem Saam were not thrilled to see a pregnant Khwezi on Wednesday’s episode (7 September) as she threatens to ruin fan-favourite couple Pretty (Lerato Marabe) and Lehasa. Khwezi and her unborn baby seem to be the only obstacles in #PreHasa’s relationship.

In last night’s episode, Khwezi went to visit her uncle and aunt, who were somewhat happy to see her.

It was revealed that she is a qualified nurse and not a journalist as she revealed in a previous episode with her ‘baby daddy’ Lehasa (Cedric Fourie).

This revelation could also mean that Khwezi planned her pregnancy, and her relationship with Lehasa and that she might have manipulated the paternity tests to hang onto him.

Some viewers predict that she’s faking her pregnancy with Lehasa because she doesn’t like her real baby daddy and that she wants Pretty to be miserable.
Her relationship with Lehasa happened very quickly and was so unnatural that it would make sense for her to trick him.

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