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Choosing a man over your own family is becoming a common thing to do in this modern day for some. It becomes extra when the man that a lady has chosen is Lehasa Maphosa.

What makes it extra is the fact that, the family strongly dislikes Lehasa Maphosa for his shady dealings.

It became clear when Mantuli told Pretty to choose between Lehasa and the family, she thought her daughter would cave in and choose the family over Lehasa.

But Pretty chose love over family.
They have had their ups and downs, but it is becoming harder and harder to keep them apart. Recently, Khwezi has been trying to get in between Lehasa and Pretty using her pregnancy and all sorts of tricks, but it does not seem to be yielding the results that she requires.

Lehasa and Pretty are still together.

Lehasa has been trying to do his best to assure Pretty that he loves her and wants to be with her. He has even told his uncle that all he wants to do is to be with Pretty and wants to protect her.

Will Khwezi take this lying down? I doubt.

The couple, Lehasa and Pretty that is are going to choose to start on a “clean slate” and move on stronger as a unit than ever.

The biggest question is, will Lehasa be entirely honest about why he cannot have Khwezi arrested?

Will he come clean about why he would rather have her admitted in a wellness center instead of letting her be locked up in some jail somewhere?

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There is no doubt about the fact that, the onscreen couple looks wonderful together and they serve couple goals, but is this clean slate going to be clean for long or issues are going to resurface from Lehasa’s ex?

The biggest problem is, being in a relationship with Lehasa puts Pretty’s life in danger.

Apart from the attempts to have her killed or followed, Pretty seems to also have forgotten about her dream to become a qualified lawyer some day.

She has made less and less mention of her studies ever since she found herself at Lehasa’s doorstep and staying under his roof

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