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”Sending speakers to resolve family disputes without the requisite should be prohibited “

South African actress Mmabatho Montsho is not impressed with the local TV shows presenters.

She says they don’t have necessarily qualifications to mediate traumatic family issues.

She thinks it’s not fair that people are hired based on the numbers of followers they have on social media.

She wants qualified presenters to be given a chance…

“TV shows sending presenters with zero necessary skills/qualifications to mediate traumatic family issues for content should be illegal.” She tweeted

“I have never watched those shows. I saw them for what they were from the start.

We don’t watch any show that seek to promote viewers by using black pain.

My 17 year son and 22 year niece can reason. I show them why i do not want them to watch those horrible shows.” Said @FunaniShilubana.

“They are looking for numbers. The more the following, the better for their brand and reach.” Said @AladeensDeciple.

“They must start with the show called Makhelwane on @MojaLoveTv. That lady has no clue on what she’s doing at all.” Said @Lebo_moko1.

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