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Amy Schumer Says Life & Beth Revisits the “Trauma” of Our Teenage Years

We can already tell Life & Beth is going to bring up memories that we buried somewhere deep.

The series, written, directed and starring Amy Schumer as the title character, follows Beth as she looks back on the formative experiences of her teenage years. She seeks to explore those moments and how they shaped her into a woman who is “on paper, doing great” but in reality, feels unfulfilled.

So, Beth dumps her boyfriends, quits her job and decides to return to the place where it all began, with Amy explaining in the exclusive featurette above, “There’s something about going home and being around the people who have known you since you were a kid.”

And while it isn’t easy to revisit those truly embarrassing, cringeworthy moments that define your teenage years, Beth decides that the only way to move forward is to understand her past. If you think we’re being dramatic, Amy says, “This show looks trauma right in the face.”

Life & Beth wouldn’t be an accurate depiction of a quarter-life crisis without a glimpse at those complicated parental bonds. Laura Benanti and Michael Rapoport play Beth’s mom and dad, deftly delivering backhanded compliments and parenting in their own unique way.

In addition to dissecting Beth’s past, the series explores the character’s vision for the future as she begins to reassess the things she once thought were important to her. That means Beth is focusing on her own wants and needs instead of looking to others for approval.

In all, Amy sums up the series, also starring Michael Cera, as “a funny, intense experience.”

Life & Beth premieres on Hulu March 18.

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