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‘Ancestors will be angry at me’: Somizi to Bahumi over surname change

South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo finally sat down with his daughter Bahumi to talk about her surname change on the latest episode of his reality show which aired on Wednesday 22 June.


Somizi Mhlongo has a 26-year-old daughter named Bahumi with actress Palesa Madisakwane. Palesa previously revealed that Somizi did not pay damages for Bahumi. So, Bahumi took on her surname and “her uncles are like fathers to her.”

Bahumi expressed that she wants to change her surname but no do it customarily on the latest episode of Living the Dream With Somizi on Wednesday 22 June.

“I don’t believe in engaging with my ancestors. I’ve always respected it and whenever there’s a ceremony, I’m there to help. I do it because I honour you and respect your culture. It’s not something I necessarily believe in,” she said.“We believe in different things and in this sense it’s about me, I want to do things my way.  I know you and my mother want me to do things customarily, but I don’t want to,” she said on the show,” she continued.

This comes after Palesa told Bahumi that she needed to follow tradition in order to change her surname.

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