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DJ Zinhle reacts to criticism over her post about AKA on Father’s Day

Father’s Day (Sunday 18th June) was filled with heart-warming Father’s Day messages, and for many DJ Zinhle did nothing out of the ordinary when she wrote a brief message for her baby daddy and ex-boyfriend, rapper AKA, wishing him a happy Father’s Day, except she landed on the Twitter trends list thanks to some trolls.

AKA and Zinhle have a daughter together. When she posted “Happy Father’s Day @akaworldwide,” on Twitter, one couldn’t have thought trolls would come for her.

Happy Father’s Day @akaworldwide

— #Siyabonga #ERAbyDJZinhle #ZeeNation (@DJZinhle) June 19, 2022

However, her post shot the DJ and businesswoman up Twitter’s trends list on Sunday. She received a backlash for posting AKA and this saw her split tweeps over whether it was OK for her to post her baby daddy.

“I can’t believe DJ Zinhle didn’t see anything wrong with posting pictures of her baby daddy like that. She is in a relationship now, for heaven’s sake.

Even if her Black Motion Boyfriend can seem not to have a problem, we all know that’s just a lie,” wrote one tweep.

“DJ Zinhle and Kiernan are well-matured individuals. They are mastering this co-parenting thing. I am sure even their respective partners are well supported. Please don’t be angry at these two. Be angry at your own parents for not teaching you that it’s possible. Don’t be bitter,” said one tweep who defended the DJ.

The debate raged on Twitter.

DJ Zinhle later took to her TL to share wise words with tweeps:

“May you remember your own advice when you face the same difficulties/situation that you judge others on”

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