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‘Due for a white Miss SA’: Mixed reactions after fans pick favourite finalist

The Miss SA Top 10 have been announced – and it seems social media users already have picked their favourite finalists

The beauty pageant organisers announced the top contestants on Monday 13 June.


The Miss SA Top 10 have been picked from five provinces: Gauteng, KZN, Western Cape, Limpopo, and North West

They are Anarzade Omar, Ayanda Thabethe, Itumeleng Parage, Keaoleboga Nkashe, Lebogang Mahlangu, Luvé Meyer, Luyanda Zuma, Ndavi Nokeri, Pearl Ntshehi, and Tamsyn Jack.

In the mix are several small business entrepreneurs, a kindergarten teacher, law students, and a nutritionist.


On Twitter, several tweeps pointed out that Miss SA should crown their winner based on race – and specifically a white woman.

This, after tweeps claimed that the past three winners – Lalela Mswane, Shudu Musida, and Zozi Tunzi – have been black women. In 2021, the top trio of black women – consisting of Lalela, Moratwe Masima, and Zimi Mabunzi – received mixed reactions from tweeps.

In favour of one of two white contestant in the Top 10: Tamsyn Jack, Twitter users shared:

@BiKeR626: “I really don’t care what happens, all I know is that we are due a white Miss SA this year”@JohnsonAwalle: “Tamsyn Jack for Miss SA. She’s gorgeous, intelligent, and has an international feel to her. Also, it would be refreshing to have a white winner this time around”@Kau_Ke_Kgabo: “I think the Miss SA crown is going to a white girl this time. We’ll go back to ruling the pageant next year for the next 4 years and then another white girl gets a chance. Balance”Twitter

Tamsyn Jack for Miss South Africa,she’s absolutely gorgeous, intelligent and has an international feel to her brand, it’s tangible🤌🏼, Also it would be refreshing to have a white winner as a Miss South Africa this time around , She’s a breath of Fresh air ❤️👑#misssa2022— Charlieafrikka (@JohnsonAwalle) June 13, 2022

Others claimed that race should not play a part in picking a Miss SA winner.

@petro_africa: “Why can’t it be whoever has the right qualities who wins?”@lolitagd: “Any race deemed worthy of the crown should be crowned. SA belongs to all those who live in it. The rainbow nation is exactly that”Twitter

Then some claimed that the Miss SA pageant should be based on the principles of affirmative action.

@Thembeka__: “It’s literally finally our time to dominate everything in our own country”@IAmQuisB: “49 out of 79 winners are white women. It wouldn’t be refreshing it would be the norm”@yesesyerreman: “This country has 80% black people. If you look at the history of Miss SA you’ll see we need about 20 more black winners”Twitter

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