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Gender-based violence case opened against President Cyril Ramaphosa

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa faces charges of gender-based violence after a case was opened against him by a fellow African Nation Congress (ANC) member, Nkosentsha Madlala Shezi.

The charges come after Ramaphosa was accused of concealing a burglary that took place at his Phala Phala farm, in Limpopo, in 2020.

Shezi alleges that while tracing the robbers, the presidential unit – under the instruction of the president – assaulted a woman after kidnapping and interrogating her. The woman in question is said to be the domestic worker who was employed at the farm.

ANC member opens GBV case against Ramaphosa

KwaZulu-Natal based ANC member Nkosentsha Madlala Shezi has opened a gender-based violence case against president Cyril Ramaphosa at the Durban Central Police Station on Monday this week.

According to IOL, the case was opened on behalf of the domestic worker who was allegedly captured by Ramaphosa and the presidential unit in 2020 after a robbery at the president’s farm during which $4 million was stolen.

Earlier this month, former intelligence boss Arthur Fraser accused Ramaphosa of concealing the robbery and then bribing those involved to keep quiet about it.

The domestic work is said to be one of the people who was allegedly bribed by the president.

Ramaphosa later confirmed that the farm was indeed robbed of $4 million and that he had failed to open a case.

‘Travesty of justice’

Taking to the street outside the police station with placards calling on the president to step down, Shezi – who is a well-known Jacob Zuma supporter – accused Ramaphosa of using his money to become president of the ANC.

He also spoke about the CR17 bank statement and the Marikana massacre, citing that Ramaphosa has never had to face the full force of justice.

“When the public protector made findings against him (Ramaphosa), he went to court and sealed the bank statement of his ANC presidency campaign.

“He knew something was not legit about his funding and that would have exposed the dirty tricks he used to get into the highest office. Ramaphosa was also implicated in the Marikana massacre, but he has never paid.

“I have opened a case of gender based violence. It is alleged that on his farm where money was stolen, a woman was captured by a member of the presidential protection unit.

“She was interrogated, assaulted and kidnapped, which is a travesty of justice that we cannot tolerate,” he said.

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