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Get Ready | Your June 2022 Horoscope Is Bringing the Heat

Get ready for a fresh wave of creative energy, thanks to Gemini Season and Mars in Aries lighting your inner fire.

After an emotionally intense eclipse season and electrifying Gemini new moon in May, your June 2022 horoscope is encouraging you to approach this month with a renewed sense of fearless curiosity and purpose-driven passion.

What marvelous magic will you create?

Beginning with the end of Mercury retrograde on June 3, this month is pushing you to open your mind to new possibilities and release the past.

However, as serious Saturn begins its retrograde in futuristic, independent, and altruistic Aquarius on June 4, you may need some extra help carefully implementing these changes.

Take your time onboarding new team members and systems to support your growth. Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight.

On June 11, Venus will join forces with unconventional Uranus in sensual and secure Taurus, putting you in touch with the right people at the right time — though not in the way you imagine. Use this unpredictable and exhilarating transit to discover life outside your usual routine.

For instance, explore new neighborhoods, trendy restaurants, and local events. You may come across a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity around the June 14 Sagittarius full moon, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for shamelessly saying yes to adventure.

The month ends on an enchanting note with the beginning of Cancer season and the summer equinox on June 21. This is the best zodiac season to upgrade your home and spend extra time with family — especially during the Cancer new moon on June 28.

Just keep in mind that elusive Neptune will also begin its annual retrograde in people-pleasing Pisces on the same day, so protect your peace. Not everyone needs access to your sacred energy.

See exactly what the next 30 days have in store for you with your June monthly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign and rising sign. For a deeper dive into your year ahead, also read your 2022 horoscope.

Aries (March 21 to April 19) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

It’s time to climb out of your shell and share your message with the world, Aries. Your June 2022 horoscope is helping you put your money-making ideas into action. That said, you may run into unplanned expenses and delays at the beginning of the month, as Mercury is still retrograde in your second house of income until June 3.

When considering the best time to put your professional and personal plans into motion, wait until Mercury re-enters Gemini on June 13 to update your social media profile, launch a new offer, or send out important messages. You’re learning how to balance your social interests with your work schedule, and transformation is a process.

Luckily, momentum picks up around June 11, when relationship-builder Venus teams up with innovative Uranus in Taurus, bringing unusual opportunities to upgrade your funds and self-esteem. Set aside some extra coins, and invest in new equipment.

You deserve it for all the hard work you’ve put in. In fact, keep your schedule open because you may have unexpected travel plans when the spontaneous Sagittarius full moon lights up your expansive ninth house of adventure and long-term travel on June 14. This full moon is also top-tier for updating your vision board and sharing a joyful announcement.

By the end of the month, you’re ready to slow down and spend some much-needed, do-not-disturb time with your nearest and dearest. You’ll get the perfect chance to hang out with family and water your roots once Cancer Season begins and the Sun cozies up in your fourth house of home and self-care on June 21.

Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal or watching your favorite movies in bed, the June 28 Cancer new moon encourages you to embrace simple ways to ease your mind. Remember, it’s OK to feel your feelings and step away from the daily grind sometimes.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

This month marks a turning point for you, Taurus. Your June 2022 horoscope supports your desire to switch up your appearance and secure new income streams, giving you the confidence and courage to patiently and passionately pursue your dreams.

With Mercury ending its retrograde in your first house of self on June 3, get ready for others to seek you out. However, you may run into some red tape at the beginning of the month as Saturn in Aquarius begins a five-month retrograde in your tenth house of career. Remember, success is a marathon, not a race.

If you’re feeling unsure about your current direction, expect reassurance around June 10, when Mercury forms a healing trine with Pluto retrograde. And as Venus and Uranus join forces on June 11, you’re reminded that you don’t need to change who you are for others to appreciate you. You just have to show up as your true self, Taurus.

On June 14, a full moon in Sagittarius will heighten your desire for transformation and intimacy in your private life. As this full moon illuminates your eighth house of death and rebirth, you may realize that endings are sometimes portals to new beginnings, and instead of mourning the past, it’s OK to look forward to your future.

And with the Mars-Chiron conjunction rising in your house of closure and soul healing on June 15, it’s a good idea to walk away on your terms.

After a heart-opening Gemini season, you’re welcoming the comfort and coziness of Cancer season with open arms. Treat yourself to some well-deserved socialization time with the sun in your third house of connections and communication from June 21 until July 22. Who knows, you could have a whole new crew by the June 28 Cancer new moon.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20) March 2022 Horoscope For June 2022

You’re the center of attention this month, Gemini — embrace your main character energy! And according to your June 2022 horoscope, you’ve got a lot to look forward to this season.

That said, you may run into a few minor dilemmas around June 3 and 4 when Mercury ends its retrograde and Saturn begins its retrograde until October, but there’s no need to worry. With Saturn retrograde in your ninth house of expansion and adventure, there’s no need to rush any big moves you’re making. Have fun; this is your time to explore your passions.

On June 6, the Sun will conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, helping you overcome any public-speaking fears — and others will notice. If you’ve been thinking about taking on a leadership role or becoming more involved with your local community, put yourself out there! You’re ready to stop daydreaming about the world around you and start shaping it.

By the June 14 full moon in Sagittarius (your sister sign), the way you see yourself and your relationships will be radically different. As this full moon exposes where you’re ready for more freedom in your partnerships, you may feel more inspired to advocate your needs and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner.

You may not be able to change everything overnight, but you can make progress, so go ahead and say what’s on your mind.

Once Cancer season begins on June 21, you’ll feel more grounded and secure in your new lifestyle and environment. The Sun will enter your second house of safety and security, bringing you the support you need to stay consistent.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

Take it easy this month, Cancer. This is your personal off season. In fact, your June 2022 horoscope urges you to reprioritize your rest, especially with the Sun in your twelfth house of endings, solitude, and spirituality until June 21.

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked in with your spiritual practitioner or favorite deck of tarot cards, this is the perfect time to consult the cosmos for advice. Committing to a spiritual practice helps you strengthen your intuition and stay grounded through the highs and lows.

By June 3, you should have a better understanding of who has your back and who no longer needs to be in your circle. Mercury officially ends its retrograde in your eleventh house of community, clearing up any miscommunications with emotionally detached friends, distant relatives, and stubborn team members.

The following day, taskmaster Saturn stations retrograde in your eighth house of privacy, intimacy, and secrets until October 23, reminding you that boundaries in relationships are healthy.

Feeling off balance? Luckily, the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 brings clarity on what areas of your life are causing you the most stress. Use this illuminating lunation to get rid of unwanted clutter and reorganize your work schedule. You may need to experiment with new hours at work, or perhaps it’s time to explore new roles and positions.

Listen to your gut.

As the month comes to an end and the sun moves into Cancer on June 21, you’ll slowly feel yourself coming back to life. Ask yourself: if there was one thing I could do right now, what would it be? Carry this thought with you into the Cancer new moon peaking on June 28.

Learn to believe in yourself by taking action and planting the seeds for your wildest dreams.

Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

Are you ready to empower your community, Leo? Because according to your June 2022 horoscope, others are looking to you to take the lead this month.

Luckily for you, the Gemini sun is shining bright in your unifying eleventh house of friendships and groups until June 21, making the first three weeks of the month the best time to connect with your crew and show off your many skills.

Just be mindful that things may get sticky in your one-to-one relationships once Saturn stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships and agreements on June 4.

This five-month restructuring transit encourages you to pay closer attention to who you’re building relationships with — professionally, romantically, and platonically.

On April 14, as the soulful Sagittarius full moon illuminates your fifth house of individuality, creativity, and fame, you’ll learn how much you and your one-of-a-kind contributions are appreciated and admired by your audience, peers, and team members. You’re coming to terms with which passion projects you want to pursue and which should be scrapped. Don’t overthink the little details.

As the month comes to an end and Cancer season begins on June 21, listen to your inner voice when it tells you to slow down. Although there’s a lot to celebrate with the June 28 Cancer new moon and lucky Jupiter-Venus mashup, the sun will be in your twelfth house of endings and spirituality until July 22, so take it easy, Leo. You deserve to rest!

Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) March 2022 Horoscope For June 2022

New month, new business, new goals, Virgo.

Your June 2022 horoscope begins with the Gemini sun chilling in your tenth house of ambition, public image, and long-term plans until June 21, and this means that this month is all about legacy building and professional success for you.

If you ran into frustrating delays at work and home in May, expect scheduling conflicts to clear up once Mercury ends its retrograde on June 3. However, with responsible Saturn beginning its annual retrograde in your service-oriented sixth house of health and routines the following day (June 4), there may be some fundamental changes to your relationships with coworkers and managers that need sorting out.

Either way, you’re not holding back anymore when it comes to purposefully putting yourself first, especially around June 11 when Venus and Uranus team up in your ninth house of expansion.

You’re ready to grow and glow, Virgo, and who said you can’t do both? If you’re looking for the chance to shed some unwanted habits and self-limiting beliefs, you’ll get the perfect chance during the June 14 Sagittarius full moon.

As the month comes to a close, you’ll be so grateful for all the behind-the-scenes organizational work you did during Gemini season. Because when the Cancer Sun dances into your eleventh house of groups and friendships on June 21, you’ll be ready to sync schedules and share all the juicy news with your squad. Who knows? You may be launching your next offer or starting your next gig by the June 28 Cancer new moon. Go for it!

Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

When was the last time you just left the house and did something spontaneous, Libra? Because your June 2022 horoscope says it’s time to free yourself from your rut and get fired up, especially at the beginning of the month.

And with the genius Gemini sun in your studious ninth house of higher learning until June 21, it could bring an exciting opportunity to return to school, learn a new skill, join a training/certification program, or visit your friends abroad. Invest in yourself.

Luckily, after Mercury officially completes its retrograde in your emotionally intense eighth house of secrets and rebirth on June 3, you’ll feel more confident about who you are, where you are, and where you’re going.

Ironically, Saturn stations retrograde in your house of creativity and hobbies the following day, reminding you how important it is to make work fun. Remember, your path is your own. You have nothing to prove.

Another date you may want to mark on your calendar this month is June 14. That day, the freedom-seeking full moon in Sagittarius will blast through your chatty third house of communications and connections, inspiring you to stop filtering your brilliant ideas and unapologetically share what you’ve been creating behind the scenes.

And with the Mars and Chiron conjunction unfolding in your relationship sector, you may start to realize certain people and habits no longer align with the path you are on. That’s OK. Let go and love.

By the time Cancer season rolls around and lights up your ambitious tenth house of career on June 21, you’ll be ready to apply the wisdom and hands-on experience you gained during Gemini season, so don’t lose sight of your goals.

In fact, you may be accepting a new role or raise on June 27 when Mars and Saturn join forces, which is the perfect time to start your new professional chapter, as it coincides with the June 28 Cancer new moon.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

When was the last time you took a solo retreat or maintained a consistent meditation practice, Scorpio? Your June 2022 horoscope encourages you to put your self-care first.

It begins with the sun already nesting in your eighth house of intimacy and privacy, and this is one of the most introverted transits you will have all year.

Despite your somewhat somber mood, your inner world is filled with insights, especially as Mercury completes its retrograde in your relationship sector on June 3.

Keep a journal close by so you can write your thoughts down. You never know what mysteries bubble to the surface when Venus gets together with unpredictable Uranus and shakes things up in your relationship sector.

Then, on June 14, the soul-searching Sagittarius full moon electrifies your second house of income and assets, reminding you that more money does not equal more happiness. Although the grass looks greener on the other side, stay true to your values, Scorpio.

As June comes to an end, and Cancer season begins, you may realize that solitude is a channel for rejuvenation and not depression or loneliness. In fact, you’ll enjoy the luxury that your healing time brings.

You may realize around the June 28 Cancer new moon that facing your shadows was necessary so you could dance in the sunshine. Soak up the small moments and be gentle with yourself as you continue on your healing journey! You have so much to celebrate.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

Nothing is impossible when you have the right people by your side, Sagittarius. And your June 2022 horoscope is all about building relationships and learning how to organize your thoughts to attract high-paying contracts and agreements.

If you run into delays or conflicts of interest, things should flow smoothly after Mercury officially ends its retrograde in your industrious sixth house of work and organization on June 3.

By June 6, when detailed Mercury aligns with wounded healer Chiron, you should have more clarity on what needs restructuring in your life and what needs to go altogether.

If you’re looking for the best time to update your marketing campaigns and personal branding, sit down with a graphic designer or artistic friend who can help guide and execute your vision.

Expect revolutionary breakthroughs in your personal goals and aspirations around June 14, when the full moon climbs to its peak in your sign. No matter how down-to-earth you appear, don’t take this energy lightly.

With go-getter Mars forming a healing conjunction with Chiron in Aries, use this prosperous time to promote yourself and the work you’ve been mastering in private. So much can be accomplished when you stop second-guessing yourself and just do it.

By June 21, when the Sun slides into homebody Cancer, you’ll have the support system you need to stay consistent through the highs and lows of this sensitive season. For instance, you may have brought on a personal trainer or invested in a personal assistant.

If worried about slipping up or going down the wrong path, take a break from planning and spend quiet time alone or with loved ones. The June 28 Cancer new moon is ideal for a staycation or weekend getaway.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

It’s time to get your life in order, Capricorn. Your June 2022 horoscope is an invitation to reimagine your ideal version of work-life balance. Embrace the challenge, because until June 21, the Gemini sun will be hanging out in your sixth house of health, wellness, and organization, making this the perfect time to dust off your cookbooks, reinstate your gym membership, and update your calendar.

Some Goats may be moving or returning from a long trip as Mercury ends its retrograde in your 9th house of travel and long distances on June 3. Take advantage of your new zip code and broadened perspective.

However, keep in mind that Saturn, your planetary ruler, will also station retrograde the following day, and this may require budget changes. Plan accordingly.

Either way, prepare for a much-needed but uncomfortable transition around the June 14 Sagittarius full moon. As the freedom-seeking full moon rises in your twelfth house of endings and soul healing, you may realize that starting over and facing your fears is easier said than done, but it’s worth it.

Luckily, you won’t have to wait too long before good news reaches your doorsteps and a new offer rolls in. Thanks to the fated alignment between Venus and Uranus on June 16, unexpected opportunities to explore new passion projects and hobbies lift you from your funk. Use the compassionate Cancer new moon on June 28 to celebrate your special announcement.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

Come out and play, Aquarius! The world is your oyster this month. Your June 2022 horoscope is all about stretching your horizons and opening yourself to new connections.

To help ignite your curiosity, the youthful Gemini sun will transit your fifth house of creativity and romance until June 21, making this one of the best months all year for dating and planning social events with friends. Is there a new restaurant or karaoke bar you’ve been eyeing?

Any canceled plans or unsettling emotions keeping you from socializing should pass around June 3, when Mercury ends its retrograde in your self-care sector. Be gentle with yourself as you slowly climb out of your shell.

If you need some tips easing back into the dating world or social scene, expect some extra help from the cosmos on June 6, when Mercury and Chiron come together. You may not know what to say, but your energy speaks for itself.

By June 14, your confidence in your appearance and personality is through the roof. Whether you’re looking to add new stamps to your passport or plan the perfect group trip, take advantage of the expansiveness this Sagittarius full moon brings. Others can sense your passion; it inspires them to do the same. Don’t be shy. Strut your stuff.

As the month comes to an end and Cancer season begins on June 21, you’ll feel the urge to slow down and focus on your health. When considering what intentions to plant underneath the fertile Cancer new moon on June 28, ask yourself: What are my health goals? How can I support and nourish my body?

Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20) Monthly Horoscope For June 2022

Cut out the distractions this month, Pisces. After all, your June 2022 horoscope is all about prioritizing business, professional growth, and long-term planning.

And with the Gemini sun transiting your tenth house of career and accomplishments until June 21, this is the best month all year to get out and network. Use Gemini season to expand your professional and personal connections.

On June 4, the day after Mercury ends its retrograde in your communications sector, responsible Saturn will station retrograde in your house of endings and spirituality, encouraging you to honor the call to go within and stop ignoring your gut feelings.

Although it may feel uncomfortable to ask for help at first, rebuilding your infrastructure from the inside is out is the only way to create the sustainable success you are seeking. Trust the process.

As if the universe knew you needed a pick-me-up, a magical alignment between Venus and Uranus on June 11 brings you the confirmation you need to stay grounded. Some Fish may be receiving an important letter in the mail or a random gift from a coworker. Either way, express gratitude for the good fortune you are having.

Because on June 14, the Sagittarius full moon rocks your fourth house of home and self-care, exposing where you may be holding yourself to outdated expectations and beliefs. Ask yourself: Am I making decisions based on my core principles? Or to please someone else?

Luckily, the month ends on a high note for you as Cancer Season begins and the sun enters your eleventh house of groups and community.

If you’ve been thinking about joining a professional association, starting your own club, or updating your website — take advantage of this time.

You may be surprised how fast others are willing to support your ideas when the Cancer new moon touches down on June 28. Just remember to flow at your own pace.

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