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Gogo Maweni Business is growing so fast after SK Khoza saga

Following reports that she enchanted her two baby daddies who allegedly neglected her children, Gogo Maweni’s business is growing.

Following a post in which she stated, “I don’t have baby daddy issues,” the reality TV star has become the talk of the town. In my nduma, all concerns were resolved! The result was that they were left with nothing…if my children don’t “eat,” no one eats – do the math!”

Many others have speculated that she may have enchanted them after seeing the post, which has raised questions. This is because their lives have spiraled out of control. Several ladies with baby daddy difficulties have praised her for allegedly coping with her baby daddies, something she has disputed.

Many of them now want her to help them cope with their baby daddy, and they’ve flooded her WhatsApp account with requests. She encouraged her clients to patient with her on Twitter, saying that she had received a large number of messages and that her assistant will answer to them as quickly as possible.

She also disclosed that she provides virtual and face-to-face consultations, as well as cleansing services. Gogo Maweni debunked rumors that she enchanted her baby daddies on Gagasi FM this week. She said that SK Khoza is the father of her child and that seeing recordings of him intimidating people affected her.

When asked if SK could reach out to her for assistance since she is a sangoma, would she assist him? Gogo Maweni said, “I will be willing to assist. Sthembiso is the father of my child. I don’t hate him and I don’t like seeing him do all these things and to be honest I was hurt. To be honest he was one of the people who pushed me to accept my ancestral calling. I don’t want to and he said you need to go through this and I will support you.”

Gogo Maweni explained that she simply told her ancestors about her issues, and that whatever they did with the information was not her concern. “I didn’t do anything that anyone wouldn’t do,” he replied, stunned her hosts. If something hurts her, she believes she should tell your ancestors or God, and whatever they do with it is their concern, not hers.

SK Khoza’s drama continues to make people’s tongues wag on social media, and it doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. This is due to the fact that another video of his disturbing behavior is currently trending on social media. Khoza is seen in the video threatening a security guard at a store entry.

He continues to swear at the security guy despite the efforts of an unidentified man to calm him down.

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