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Jessica Nkosi’s management company has issued a statement on her behalf about scammers pretending to be her.

Jessica Nkosi’s management business has released a statement on her behalf regarding scammers posing as the actress and deceiving members of the public.

It has come to our attention that several social media identities posing as Jessica Nkosi have been deceiving, scamming, and misrepresenting innocent people of the public.

Jessica Nkosi’s involvement in any type of cryptocurrency is denied in the statement, which also expresses sympathy for people who have been scammed.

Miss Nkosi is not affiliated with, nor does she promote, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Jessica sympathizes with all those who have been duped by this fraud and encourages them to contact their local cyber-crime authority to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Jessica recently took to Instagram to tell individuals who are attempting to disturb her tranquility what she thinks.

She told a succession of stories about how individuals had pushed her buttons to breaking point in recent weeks.

Yazi mina I’m very slow to get you to a point of anger. I choose to be quiet nje and choose peace, like it take a lot to get to a point where I am angry. Over the last two weeks, I have been mad angry and lost my cool twice at the same place. Once a particular place can get me to that point I know its time to remove myself and exit. because now it is messing with my peace and I don’t play with that. Actually nje angithandi ukusukwelwa mina nje period,” she wrote.

She also stated that she does not appreciate it when others try to take advantage of her.

She continued, “I don’t enjoy it when people take advantage of me because I don’t cause other people any inconvenience.”

People like to take advantage of me coz they know my reply will always be silent and more times than not I will go out of my way to not inconvenience people. I have a tendency of putting others before myself inconveniencing myself but ya that’s that but I know when I am being taken for a ride, I will push back and it will be ugly. people will poke and poke until they get a reaction from you and twice in 2 weeks i have given them that reaction I am mad at myself.” 

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