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Kate Middleton reveals that Prince George and Prince Louis love rugby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be raising future sports stars after Kate revealed that her sons, Prince George and Prince Louis, are major rugby fans.

On Wednesday, the mother-of-two attending the training sessions at Twickenham for both the women’s and men’s England rugby teams to mark her new patronage as the patron of the Rugby Football League and the Rugby Football Union, a position which was previously filled by Prince Harry.

Kate’s new position put her directly in competition with her husband, Prince William, who is the patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

During training, Catherine revealed that her sons have started loving the sport so much that they both now play it.

Middleton also revealed how she and William are a little worried about their youngest son, Prince Louis, because he takes on the position of kamikaze, which puts him in the middle of everything.

“They’re all enjoying it. Louis is kamikaze, we’re worrying about when he gets older, he’ll be in the middle of everything,” said Middleton.

Speaking to England’s women squad, The Duchess also revealed that her six-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, not only plays netball at school, but has also got into rugby.

“Now that there is a move towards co-ed sport, so it’s not just girls playing netball, but other sports like rugby, which is great,” said the Duchess of Cambridge.

After training on Wednesday, the Duchess was gifted with junior England kits for her three children, and she expressed how happy and proud she was to be there and take on this new position.

“I’m very proud to be here. I’ve got lots to learn, I’ve been looking at different players and tactics,” said Middleton.


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