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Kelly Khumalo spotted with body guards – VIDEO

South African singer, Kelly Khumalo as a musician might be praised as the Voice of Africa. But as a public figure, the Empini hitmaker is as controversial as they come.

In the eight years since the passing of the baby daddy of her last born child, the late Bafana Bafana player and Orlando Pirates Senzo Meyiwa, she has been deemed as the black widow. A suggestion that has only grown in the passing years.

However, it seems that her recent headlines have prompted the musician to get armed with bodyguards. A move that has polarised social media users as they shared their opinions on the matter. But from reading the caption which Khumalo shared with the now-viral post, it seems that maybe fans and the general public are reading a little too much on the matter.

Kelly Khumalo as the “black widow”.

The Black Widow is a term used for a woman who has a string of past lovers who have either died or fell into disrepute following their relationship with said woman in question.

Therefore, in light of the “misfortune” that befell disgraced rapper turned Moja Love personality Jub Jub, the tragic and contentious passing of Senzo Meyiwe, and her failed and brief marriage to Chad da Don. Khumalo was labelled the same, which has followed her in terms of her public image until today.

A narrative which has been pushed despite the fact that Khumalo is currently believed to be in a relationship with yet another soccer player, Mthokozisi Yende, and from the look of things, Yende is alive and well. But despite this fact, it does seem that the Ghost of Senzo Meyiwe is the umthwalo that Khumalo cannot shake off.

Kelly Khumalo alleged to have accidentally shot Senzo Meyiwe

This past week, Kelly Khumalo returned to the center of the Senzo Meyiwe never-ending murder case. This comes after Advocate Teffo alleged that Khumalo was the one who shot her baby daddy during a scuffle on the day of Meyiwe’s murder.

A clickbait snippet which had fans clamouring to social media to continue antagonising Khumalo. So much so, that via her legal team, Khumalo addressed the allegations by rubbishing the suggestion. But it seems the damage was done.

Whether intentional or not, Kelly Khumalo was the site of more scrutiny when she took to Instagram to share a video revealing that she walks with bodyguards in public spaces like malls, or airports.

When the same post ended up on Twitter, tweeps did not waste any time in deciphering the post and sharing whether they believed it was necessary for the Dance Camigo musician to have bodyguards. More especially when it seemed that no one was paying her any attention.

Kelly Khumalo is currently in Gqeberha enjoying her last days as a free person. Next stop is prison! #SenzoMeyiwaTrial

— Ghostlady  (@ghostladysa) June 4, 2022

Maybe her way of contesting that she has already done her community service by sweeping floors with her damn coats.

— MissGee🇿🇦 (@GladysMontoeli) June 4, 2022

Is she now safe ?

— One Touch (@08_jabu) June 4, 2022

She’s actually not, but go awf judge Judy.

— The Duke’s Sangoma 🏳️‍🌈 (@KukuDabulamafu) June 4, 2022

But when you read the caption from her Instagram post, the context of the video is completely different. The caption suggests that Khumalo’s bodyguards were hired by Tropika Island of Treasure. But in actual fact, it was revealed that the video was taken during her visit to Gqeberha for her one-woman show, which was also attended by former Scandal! actress Masasa Mbangeni.

I watched Kelly like in GQ tonight ! My gaaaaawd what a talent!

— Bhut’ Masasa (@MsMasasa) June 5, 2022

Therefore the security was hired to ensure that the star was safe all things considered. How true that might be, who knows. But here are other times when Khumalo walked with bodyguards.

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