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Lindsay Lohan Is the Best Sport After Poking Fun at Her Dramatic Past in 2022 Super Bowl Ad

In between the supply of hilarious and head-spinning commercials during the 2022 Super Bowl, the 35-year-old actress locked fans in everywhere for exactly 30 seconds when she appeared in an ad for Planet Fitness—which just so happened to poke a tiny bit of fun at her former self.

In case you missed it, a voiceover (along with a chorus of other gym-goers) opened the commercial by asking, “What’s gotten into Lindsay?” After remarking that “she’s never been sharp,” Lindsay is then seen hilariously beating Dennis Rodman at a game of Jeopardy!, getting a regular night of sleep (cue a bunch of paparazzi crying a stream of tears), and turning her “DUIs to DIYs.”

But, as William Shatner succinctly remarked at the end: “Maybe it’s not what’s gotten into Lindsay—but what Lindsay has gotten into,” as she strolled right out of her workout haven, sporting a literal purple glow.

If you didn’t catch the comical spot, not to worry—we have you covered. Watch it for yourself below.
But Lindsay’s ad isn’t the only one that has us buzzing. Check out all the other Super Bowl spots that still have us in stitches:
Hellmann’s “Mayo Tackles Food Waste” (2022)

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson found himself being tackled, quite literally, in this hilarious Hellman’s ad centered around preventing food waste.

Coca-Cola “Big Game” (2014)

The ad celebrated scenes from American life, but caused quite the controversy when “America the Beautiful” was sung in different languages.


Budweiser “Puppy Love” (2014)

This commercial shows us the power of true friendship.

Dannon Oikos Full House Reunion (2014)

We died seeing our three favorite guys Danny, Jesse and Joey in this Full House reunion!

Doritos “Time Machine” (2014)

Most kids set up lemonade stands—but not Jimmy! In this adorable ad, the young boy scores a bag of Doritos after setting up a “working” time machine.

Ellen DeGeneres & Beats Music (2014)

Watch the talk show host  “get down” in this hilarious rendition of some of our most favorite childhood fairytales.

Seinfeld Reunion (2014)

This Jerry-George reunion for Seinfeld’s new web series had us wild! We’re sad this is probably the last of the duo’s reunion, but we’re glad it happened.

Dodge Ram “Farmer” (2013)

This ad pays tribute to the late broadcaster Paul Harvey and associates tough work with a Dodge Ram.

Volkswagon “The Force” (2011)

This cute ad shows a miniature Darth Vader using the Force to turn on this Volkswagon Passat.

Chrysler & Eminem (2011)

The ad shows the glories of Detroit, while featuring the city’s very own rapper in a Chrysler 200.

Google “Parisian Love” (2010)

The power of the search engine was conveyed through only visuals in this romantic ad.


Snickers “Betty White” (2010)

Betty White takes a tackle in this comical ad.


Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” (2010)

This commercial won an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial

E-Trade Baby (2008)

And cue the takeover of the company’s iconically creepy, yet cute talking babies.

Reebok “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” (2003)

You kill the Joe, you make some mo’.” You’ll want to think twice before you walk away with the last cup of coffee without starting a new pot.

Budweiser “Wazzup” (2000)

WAZZUPPPPPP… apparently, nothing much. “When I Grow Up” (1999)

This commercial tugs on the heartstrings of childhood dreams.

Budweiser “Bud-weis-er” (1995)

Marco. Pol..nope! It’s “Bud” and “weis” in this froggy 1995 ad

Pepsi Cindy Crawford (1992)

The young Crawford downs the soft drink in the sexiest way possible.

Apple “1984” (1984)

Inspired by George Orwell‘s novel 1984, the commercial was directed by Ridley Scott and is set in a dystopia.

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