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Paris Hilton’s Husband Carter Reum Reveals the One Thing He’d Change About Her

Opposites attract.

During tonight’s premiere of Paris in Love, soon-to-be husband and wife Carter Reum and Paris Hilton get adorably honest while admitting each other’s pet peeves during a romantic bike ride on the beach.

“If there was one thing about me you could change, what would it be?” Paris asks in the above clip.

After some hesitation, Carter admits, “Well, there’s one thing. You’re a little less organized than I would like. I just blame your creativity on that.”

“Life could be worse,” the “Stars Are Blind” singer smiles.

“It could be way worse,” her fiancé agrees. “I always tell people if you weren’t messy, if there wasn’t one small thing not perfect about you, I wouldn’t believe you were true myself.”

Paris echoes, “I feel the same way. Sometimes I get scared that you’re too good to be true.”

Then comes Carter’s turn: “So if you had to change one thing about me, what would it be?” he inquires.

“Nothing,” she smiles before adding, “You’re a little bossy. You get mad at me when I’m late. It reminds me of my sister.”

“You deserve that,” he laughs.

But those aren’t the only conflicting personality traits the couple has.

In a confessional, Carter reveals, “We argue about what to watch on TV every night to be honest. It might seem trivial, but she loves rom-coms, which I do as well, but she likes the sad rom-coms. The one where the person’s always dying and I like the rom-coms where people are happy and they go off into the sunset.”

“I don’t like it because they die, it just ends up happening in so many movies nowadays,” Paris laughs.

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