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PICS: Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe Dambuza unfollow each other

Media personality Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe Dambuza are arguably one of our favorite siblings in Mzansi. Khanyi has been in the industry for more than a decade now, and she has successfully paved the way for her brother, who is also flourishing in the industry.

Lasizwe successfully dabbled between TV presenting, acting, and he has his own reality show Fake It Till You Make It with Lasizwe on MTV. Not only is he killing it on the small screen, but he has also amassed a large fan base on social media and a YouTube channel that has over 700 000 subscribers.

Fans are suspecting that the two are beefing again. Khanyi and Lasizwe are not strangers to sibling rivalries, and their sometimes public feuds often cause concern among their fans.

Lasizwe went on Instagram live yesterday, and he was asked why they have unfollowed each other with Khanyi. He said Khanyi does not engage with his content, so he decided they should follow each other. He said there is no rift between them, but he does not like the fact that when he follows someone, he engages with their content, but when he shares something, they do not engage with his stuff.

“She said your content does not speak to me,” says Lasizwe. The YouTuber said it’s nothing personal, but reciprocation is required if he enjoys your content, then the favor should be returned.

“I am sometimes petty, if you are following me like my content and comment the same I am going to like your content and comment, so I was like dude you will follow me when you like something on my page and when my content speaks to you,”

Check Khanyi’s IG screenshot:

Lasizwe’s IG screenshot:

He went on to rubbish speculation that they are beefing. “You guys like creating drama and said they beefing.”

Lasizwe was also asked who is his virgin breaker, responding to the question he said, “I am still a virgin, I am still waiting for someone to take my virginity away, but I am going to take time with that because men are scary,” he said.

He went on to reveal that his YouTube reality show Drink or Tell The Truth will come back around August and October. He said for now, he is waiting for people to have more scandals so that there will be more juicy content.

Lasizwe’s YouTube show successfully topped the Twitter trends list every time he released a new episode. The last episode from the first season featured Nandi Madida, who put Lasizwe in the spotlight about the incident that happened in 2018. This follows after Khanyi had exposed him for lying about buying a house on social media.

“In 2018. If your sister didn’t call you out about not buying a house, would you have come out clean?” Asked Madida.

In retrospect, he realized he was glad his sister confronted him since the situation could have worsened. He said if Khanyi had not exposed him, the media might have done so.

“Okay, to be honest, if Khanyi didn’t call me out, (laughs). But lesson learnt, for me. You know journalists, they investigate and it would’ve spiralled out of control and I’d look way worse. Thank you so much for calling me out.” He shared.

Lasizwe did not intend to lie about buying a house. It was assumed that he had bought a house because he had moved into a new apartment. Hence, he opted to ride the wave.

“Let me tell you something right. I moved into my new apartment right. And I posted from Soweto to Sandton and everyone was congratulating me on the house and I ran with it.

“And then Khanyi calls me to ask if I had bought a house. She told me to tell the truth or she’ll throw me out and she did. And we didn’t speak for a good month. We were just like not talking to each other.” He concluded.


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