Rappers that are effective in’ SA hip’ jump revere just parading their abundance by driving super-costly vehicles, yet they are in no way, shape or form the specific ones.

Reason has surfaced as one of the SA rappers to be ‘ballin’ ‘in a brand new whip in festival of his birthday. Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared recordings and pictures of him getting another VW GTI.

The rapper has been partaking in a decent spell under “Warner Music Africa” regardless of the analysis he got for focusing on the record mark. On the other side, Reason has uncovered how he has been battling with the brand name “Reason.”

The rapper uncovered that he has been battling to arrive at 1 million perspectives and he needs to return to the planning phase thus he decided to be” Sizwe Alakine”.

“Sooner or later, there was a need or an inclination to somewhat like step away from the brand on the grounds that the brand was struggling,” he said.

“The shows were not moving, I believe assuming you even go to YouTube you can take a gander at any ‘Reason’ video there is none that consistently hit 1 million,” Reason uncovered. Here is to additional effective years Reason!