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Shoki Mmola Is Leaving Her Role As ‘Celia Kununtu’ On #SkeemSaam. See the Reason

Shoki Mmola, who played SkeemSam’s leading lady for many years, eventually said goodbye to us after years of keeping us entertained. Mzansi was left in utter disbelief after learning that the actress Celia Kununtu had departed from the show SkeemSaam. She had been a part of the cast for a long time. Shoki Mmola has announced that he will no longer be appearing on SkeemSaam after ten years with the show.

Shoki Mmola will no longer play Celia Kununtu, one of her most cherished roles on the show. The actress posted the news about her departure from the show on her social media website, where she informed her audience about her decision.

Those who have been keeping up with SkeemSaam would have taken notice of her most recent appearance on the show.

The last time we saw her, Mr. Kgomo was in SkeemSaam tormenting her in the most extreme way possible. When Mr. Kgomo indicated he was here to collect, many viewers mistook this for an indication that he was interested in a romantic relationship. The last time they talked was when she sent him a message informing him that she was resigning from her job.

Celia has left many people in a precarious situation, and the last time anyone heard from her was when she was on the phone with Charles. When Uncle Charles found out that Celia had quit her work, it crushed his heart just as much as it had everyone else’s.

Not only will her fellow cast members and crew miss the actress greatly, but so will her legion of devoted fans and admirers. Those viewers who enjoy watching her appear on television and are saddened by the fact that they will no longer be able to do so will be left feeling emotionally affected.


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