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“This looks delicious” : Tweeps react to Tito Mboweni’s lamb curry

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The former minister of finance is widely known for his culinary concoctions – and not in a good way!

Tito Mboweni has documented yet another cooking class on Twitter, and whilst some fans think it wasn’t a complete fail, others claimed the end did not justify the means.


On Sunday afternoon,  Tito Mboweni revealed that he was tempted to buy takeaways after his home was scheduled for a spot of load shedding.

However, the urge passed and the former reserve bank governor put on his apron amid plans to whip up a meal he had planned – lamb neck curry.

But “a la Mboweni”, the ingredients consisted of enough garlic to ward off a pack of vampires, and more onions found on a vegetable farm.

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And in place of browning the meat as one does, Tito Mboweni “drowned it” in a pot full of water.

After stewing his meat, Tito Mboweni popped in more veggies and served his meal with a side of pap.

And despite the criticism, Tito polished off his plate as per usual.

“Game plan! Dinner time! Ye of little faith. It was fun”, he said to his Twitter critics. 


As he is accustomed to, Tito Mboweni faced much criticism from tweeps over his cooking.

@Hlogzar_p: “Haikhona! You need a garlic support group, so much anger?”@kamogelo_Tim: “Heebannna you cooked a python today”@GNengwane: “So basically you were cooking garlic and onions…then flavored them with a bit of meat”@nerd_brainless: “Is that what they eat in Dubai”Twitter

Others were convinced it was his “best work yet”. 

@HiMinaTheo: “For the first time u didn’t cook rubbish”@MissPoison15: “I am impressed, the end product looks juicy and tasty”@ParisGeller_xo: “This actually looks edible, and dare I say nice?! You definitely did the things this time”@kgopotso_africa: “You improving, bit by bit. If you can focus on slicing the veggies in some smaller potions, then use little less water. You will definitely be better”@mandla20: “I see the most improved award heading your way in the next cooking awards”Twitter

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