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Watch Anne Hathaway Discuss the Time She Hilariously Trolled Jared Leto

Anne Hathaway may WeWork hard, but she also plays hard. 

The Oscar-winning actress stars with Jared Leto in AppleTV s upcoming drama series, WeCrashed, which chronicles the rise and fall of start-up WeWork. Though shooting was intense, Hathaway revealed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that she managed to have fun by surprising the House of Gucci actor with a spontaneous performance of Lady Gaga‘s infamous Gucci prayer.

“I really respect Jared’s process, and I had a wonderful time working with whoever that was, and we really created the most beautiful connection between us and I always wanted to be really respectful,” she told host Stephen Colbert. “But the day the House of Gucci trailer came out, I mean, I had to do something. I couldn’t just let it be.”

“We were shooting together when it came out, we were working together for three of four months,” Hathaway said. “And so the House of Gucci trailer came out and we shot a really intense scene all day and at the very end…he was like ‘Okay, okay have a good night.’”

“I said, ‘Just one more thing,’ and I go, ‘Father, Son, House of Gucci,’” Hathaway said imitating Gaga’s accent and sign of the cross, “because you have to!”

Hathaway, who stars as WeWork cofounder Rebekah Neumann, revealed that she hadn’t met her onscreen husband Leto out of his Adam Neumann character until this past month at the series’ SXSW premiere.

And although she didn’t know how he would react “because he’s so intense in his commitment to his process,” his response was priceless.

“I swear to God he split into three,” Hathaway recalled. “It was like a Horcrux: Over here was Jared, over here was Paolo Gucci, and here was Adam Neumann. He came back in and I was like, ‘Oh dear,’ and he was like, ‘Woah, I think I just time-traveled!’”

WeCrashed is inspired by real events surrounding WeWork—a single coworking space that expanded into a global brand work $47 billion in under a decade.

WeCrashed premieres March 18 on AppleTV .

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