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Watch: General Sqhaza Mbhele, the new man in MaDongwe’s life from Uzalo tells us how being on the most-watched drama in Mzansi has changed his life

General Sqhaza Mbhele, the new man in MaDongwe’s life from Uzalo, spoke about how being on the most-watched drama in Mzansi has changed his life. His real name is Maviyo Judge Sosibo, and he was born and bred in KZN.

We first met General when he was touring, and he saved MaDongwe from being bitten by a snake, but who is this man, and how did he get the opportunity to be on the show?

Uzalo has taken care of these questions and shared a video of the General himself telling us how being on Uzalo has changed his life.

The General says that he went through a tough time while auditioning because people came out in numbers, and the auditions overlapped to the following weekend, where he had to travel both weekends to get a chance to take his shot finally.

He says that people treat him differently now, from his friends to his family, and he is also a changed man.

Maviyo says that he hopes his newfound fame and respect will keep him a humble man and not grow springs under his feet where he will start looking down on people.

The actor says he is very thankful for the opportunity he got from Uzalo and that it has always been his dream to be an actor.

He details the audition process’s complexity, telling us he stood in queues for hours with other hopefuls.

General Mbhele is MaDongwe’s love interest, and he is rocking her boat. In the few episodes we have seen him, he has made his presence felt with Nonka, Njeza and Lilly.

According to the teasers, the General will step onto many toes in the Xaba house.

He is a man who lives by standards, and at this point, the Xaba kids are below his, and he is determined to change that.

Things are going to get seriously uncomfortable as the General exerts his authority.

Sosibo says that he is still getting over his mixed feelings about the auditioning process; he says it was overwhelming and exciting simultaneously; he says it was a scary process but is grateful because the audience has received him warmly.

Judge advises people to follow their passion and never give up, saying that perseverance is aligned with dreams and opportunity and is vital in life.

Watch General Sqhaza Mbhele speak below:

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