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‘We won’t listen to a money launderer!’ – Ramaphosa confronted in Parliament

The EFF promised disruption on Thursday, and boy, did they deliver. Shortly after their mics were cut by an irate House Speaker, Babalwa Mathulelwa – the party’s Commissar of Ground Forces – delivered another defiant and disgruntled diatribe towards Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa branded ‘money launderer’ by EFF

The Red Berets are trying make the president’s life a misery at the moment, after he was accused of hiding MILLIONS of dollars at one of his farm properties in Limpopo. Burglars who raided the house stumbled across the cash stash back in 2020.

However, Ramaphosa never reported this incident to the police, and instead, it is alleged that he tried to orchestrate a cover-up. A large concealment of that much money could be deemed as an illegal act, with the SA Revenue now being urged to clarify their stance on the matter.

The news has set the agenda for the EFF, who say they are now treating Ramaphosa like they did Jacob Zuma, at the height of the state capture furore. They certainly lived up to that promise today, as Cyril attempted to give a speech on the Presidency’s Budget Vote for 2022.

EFF MP slams Ramaphosa for ‘criminal behaviour’

A litany of insults were thrown towards the ANC leader, and subsequently, EFF members were escorted out of the house. Things appeared to calm down after an hour or so, but as Ramaphosa resumed his address, one of the few remaining Red Berets in Parliament piped up.

Babalwa Mathulelwa certainly did not mince her words…

“Before you remove me, you must unmute our microphones… the money launderer must be taken out of the house, we are not going to be addressed by a criminal… I will not listen to a money launderer.”Babalwa Mathulelwa

‘Money launderer’ insults, and more, thrown at Cyril

Within an instant of calling the president a money launderer, the Sergeant in Arms was summoned to eject the outspoken EFF member. The party shared a video of the incident on their Twitter page, adding a few more colourful insults for good measure…

— Economic Freedom Fighters (@EFFSouthAfrica) June 9, 2022

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