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Things didn’t go well for Kabisi after Mazwi left him alone in the house (Generation the legacy)

Kabisi has been going through a lot in the past weeks after trying to blackmail Nkosiyabo so that he can get his Ezweni shares back to him, but it ended badly for him when Mazwi betrayed him by supporting Sphe for the sake of their child.    previous mistakes. But this has caused Kabisi to…

go through serious pains which caused him to have a heart attack that leads Mazwi to rush on him so that he can save his life, but thanks to Sphe because he owes the old man a lot and maybe he could have convinced his uncle, to give Kabisi his shares back because he has also stolen them from him.
It looks like Kabisi will be dealing with a lot of things this month because he won’t get his shares back soon, because Nkosiyabo has won this round again, and the only person that can help him is Mazwi who gave him a job in Moroka media.

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