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We make use of Mass Media to reach large audiences. A Campaign can vary in size and is determined by the need and the audience type.

As a trusted Partner, we work in partnership with our clients and partners to plan, create and execute Multichannel Media Campaigns and reach several target audiences

Why work SSiTV

We give voice to the youth through capacity building; strategic partnerships, research and development whilst engaging in several new and innovative projects

Using an Event Company as an example

What is an example of target audience?

A target audience for our partners Events / Campaigns we go through by identifying the group of attendees that will be specifically interested in attending your event or can identify with your brand. An event’s success will depend on how well the event marketing is pinpointed to a specific group that will benefit from attending your event

What are the types of target audience?

Target audiences are formed from different groups, for example: adults, teens, children, mid-teens, preschoolers, men, or women. To market to any given audience effectively, it is essential that we study and become familiar with your target market; their habits, behaviors, likes, and dislikes.

Some of the Events Partners

SSiTV work with established event and/or beauty companies such as Pageants South Africa to reach several target audiences to deliver through our media reach, Brand Awareness, Event Participation, Ticket Sales and Live Broadcast among others reaching to internet users who share similar interest and/or are likely to become aware of the yearly events.

Miss Teen and Miss JNR South Africa 2021

Pageant SA - Miss Teen 2021

Pageant SA - Miss Teen 2021

The Value Of Knowing Your target audience

In today’s digital world, marketing strategies that take a “kitchen sink” approach end up being too broad to resonate with the right buyers. Understanding what makes your target audiences tick is the key to success for our partners events.

Identifying target segments is just the first step. From there, We help you to develop detailed profiles of each stakeholder. To get to understand their day-to-day worlds, the challenges they face, and the impact they want to have within their companies. By discovering these things, We’re able to create content that speaks directly to each stakeholder’s pain points and connects them to the solutions they need.

The more you know, the more personalized your messaging can be. Based on target customer insights, your story can be carefully crafted by SSiTV to showcase how your product or service fits their needs. Just like targeting helps to eliminate wasted marketing spending, it also minimizes ineffective messaging. Speaking directly to a defined customer set means you’re able to be specific about exactly what your product can do for them, increasing the chances that prospective customers recognize the relevance and take action.

Multi-Channel Marketing | Campaigns & Engagement

With multichannel marketing, you can show the different sides of your brand via different touchpoints. Whether it’s email or landing pages or digital ads with effective multichannel marketing focus on brand reach, message, consistency, engagement and experience.

Spend more time scaling your online business, not figuring out how to Multi-Channel Marketing our platform.

From initial setup, to building high-converting online campaigns, to getting automation rolling, SSiTV is like using a loud speaker. Straightforward (no steep learning curve here), highly effective at getting stuff done, and downright satisfying results.

Our Steps to working with your business

  • Conduct market research
  • Understand who is your target audience
  • Define your marketing goals
  • Define your competition
  •  Describe your tactics and strategies
  • Decide the budget
  • Work on executing strategies

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