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Brands, organizations, and institutions use social media platforms every single day to connect with their audiences, raise awareness, drive leads and business.

With an engaged following on one or more of the major social networks, brands can effectively spread the word about campaigns, new initiatives, new products and services. However, simply having 1,000 Facebook fans or 200 Twitter followers is not the best indicator of social media success.

It’s possible to have thousands of followers who never read your posts or click on your links.

SSiTV help you all the way to build a thriving online community of your ideal fans, the ones who’ll actively engage with your content, share it with their networks, and ultimately, become paying customers.

It takes a huge work and different sets of skills to establish such, Our Media Reaches over 1,500.000 Youth and Middle age Adults per week capturing the heart of many who Comment, Share, Views and Watch our content with South Africans mainly in our team’s heart .

Media sharing platform: Gateway to visual storytelling

Our Media sharing platforms, as the name suggests, allows users and brands to share content including images, videos, music and live streams / Events. The main use of our platforms is to engage users by distributing and redistributing media across network .

Using Our media sharing platforms and social media channels allows your company to achieve the following goals.

Brand awareness

SSiTV platforms help in forming more reliable connections with audiences by sharing brand stories and features in the format of product images, interview videos, video trends, visual articles and celebrity endorsements.

Conversion rates

A prospective customer has a higher chance of being interested in your product or service if a visual medium accompanies the information. Through Sponsorship Brands use images and videos to get customers on-board be it a test drive, a newsletter sign-up or a sale.

Audience engagement

Media sharing platforms use interactive and targeted content formats to get their followers to comment, like, share and tag, increasing brand recall in the customer’s mind.


Each media sponsorship has certain distinctive features and benefits. Let’s try to understand the most effective one in detail.

Sponsored content – Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Drive website traffic, build awareness & generate higher quality leads with SSiTV ® Premium Media and Sponsored Ads. Maximize B2B growth with personalized ads on the #1 platform for the Youth in South Africa. Our Social Media Marketing Reach prospects in their feed. Message your targets directly.


What is sponsored content?

Sponsored content is premium content that a sponsor pays SSiTV for, to create and distribute. It’s a type of native advertising that is consistent with the surrounding content and topics on our platforms.

In other words, sponsored content is an ad that looks like it’s supposed to be there – it feels like a natural fit for our platform, instead of an invasive advertisement.

Why is sponsored content a popular form of marketing?

  • Sponsored content make your brand feel credible and trustworthy by placing it alongside other topics that our viewer enjoys
  • Sponsored content adds to the user experience instead of disrupting it
  • Building on the previous – paid media is often interruptive. Sponsored content is one of the few ways to pay for exposure without interrupting people
  • Sponsored content isn’t restricted to 1 format or type of media
  • Sponsored content is mutually beneficial – SSiTV (with our audience) gets funding and a product owner (who needs an audience to get customers) gets an audience

At its core, sponsored content is simple: Two brands form a sponsored content partnership – the advertiser pays for the content, and another brand, SSiTV / Social Media influencer, or publisher shares it.

The right media sharing platform for your business

Determining which media sharing platform your brand should be present on depends on three factors:

  • A marketing plan that draws out your marketing strategy, tactics, and tools to reach the target audience over some time. This includes advertising budget, outreach strategy, inbound and outbound marketing strategy, and action steps.
  • It defines the mission, vision, and goals of a company. It is a must for every company to have a defined marketing plan. It becomes really difficult to make prospective clients and target audiences understand what the company stands for with a marketing plan.
  • But, these strategies need to be changed from time to time based on the latest marketing trends and customer demand.

SSiTV helps you with these forms of marketing plan:

  1. Paid marketing plan: It is a kind of marketing plan that decides how to use the paid strategies for acquiring new customers. The most popular paid marketing strategies are PPC, paid social media campaigns, and influencer marketing strategies.
  2. Content marketing plan: This plan is associated with deciding on tactics and strategies for creating content for gaining new customers. The main content strategies are writing blogs, SEO pages, eBooks, guest publishing, whitepaper, etc.
  3. Social media marketing plan: It is a plan designed to make a strong online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., by creating posts, uploading images, videos, vlogs, blogs, and running ad campaigns.
  4. Relationship marketing plan: This involves creating tactics and strategies that focus on satisfying the customer by offering the best quality products and services. The popular forms of relationship marketing are offering cashback, discounts, coupons, and other strategies.

Benefits of having a marketing plan

The main benefits of having a marketing plan are as follows:

  1. Sets a plan of action: Having a marketing plan is having a plan of action for your company. It includes details of the product you are dealing with, the unique selling proposition, target audience, and tools or tactics you are using to increase the scale and reach of your product or services.
  2. Roadmap to attain goals: If you have a marketing plan, you have a map that your marketing team has to follow to achieve the objectives. In this digital era, where there are so many marketing avenues like email marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing, direct mail, banners, etc. it is a must to have a plan of action. It helps in keeping the marketing team focused and saves them from being distracted by the newest “marketing hack.”
  3. Offers clarity: A marketing plan brings clarity regarding the product’s and about the target audiences. These are two main important aspects to be aware of before creating any marketing plan or crafting marketing messages.
  4. Acts as a reference point: It removes the ambiguity. Also, make sure that each of the members of the marketing team is aware of the strategies to be adopted for doing brand marketing.

NOTE: SSiTV helps you all the way from Consultation to Reaching Goals

Our Steps to working with your business

  • Conduct market research
  • Understand who is your target audience
  • Define your marketing goals
  • Define your competition
  • Describe your tactics and strategies
  • Decide the budget
  • Work on executing strategies

New audience exposure drives:

  • Brand awareness
  • Relevance
  • Trust
  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Customers

Sponsored content improves brand lift

Sponsored content on SSiTV places your brands in front of consumers in non-invasive ways. This expands the brand’s reach, builds trust, and improves credibility.


People prefer familiar things. This is the mere-exposure effect. Sponsored content makes brands and products familiar and helps Audiences develop a preference for them.

People also have shows we like to watch, social media platforms we favor, and hobbies they follow. When we experience sponsored content within things we already enjoy, we associate that brand with the things we like! This form of confirmation bias improves brand lift.

Sponsored content is a versatile and powerful tool for brands to take advantage of. When it’s effective, sponsored content is a game-changer.

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