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People ask about Zodwa Wababtu’ s mental health after seeing what she was doing on the video shared

People ask about Zodwa Wababtu’ s mental health after seeing what she was doing on the video sharedZodwa Wabantu is a South African media personality, socialite, and dancer. Libram left home at the age of 16 and began hustling. She later began her dancing career, dancing in clubs. She has been a notable dancer in…

People have inquired about Zodwa Wabantu’s mental health after viewing what she was doing in the video. Zodwa Wabantu is a dancer, socialite, and media figure from South Africa.

At the age of 16, Zodwa Wabantu fled home and began hustling. She later began her dance career by performing in nightclubs. She has become a well-known dancer in recent years, when? and has a quarrel with fellow dancer Skolopad. She gave a performance at the Doek on Fleek event.

She secured a record deal with Afrotaiment in 2017. Wabantu made an appearance on the season premiere of MTV 2 South Africa’s Behind the Story in 2018. Her films have been shared widely on social media, and she has her own YouTube account. She was named Mazda Menyln’s marketing ambassador in October 2021. She will present the SAAPA Awards in late 2021. Persons are concerned about people who are becoming traditional healers on a daily basis.

Fans concerned with Zodwa WaBantu mental health

Fans concerned with Zodwa WaBantu mental health

And people like Zodwa Wababtu are the reason why people are wondering whether what they are calling the genuine thing or if they are simply doing it because others are doing it. Or are they doing it because their forefathers have asked them to? People have been asking questions about Zodwa Wabatu’s calling because they want to know whether it is real, and they are saying this because of the things she performs in public.

According to experts who know these things, when someone has a calling, the person must focus only on their calling, but Zodwa Wababtu did the reverse, as not long after she claimed that she had a calling, Zodwa Wababtu was spotted dancing naked in clubs.

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And when people asked her why she is doing that? her answer was her ancestors are ok with what she is doing they don’t have a problem with that .Just when people were still questioning what she is doing, a video of her doing a traditional dance was shared on social media, and people were not impressed at all as it seemed like she was not feeling what she was doing, but she was just doing it for fun.

And that got a lot of people talking. People began commenting after witnessing this video, with one even writing that a person has three strange nightmares, moves strangely spontaneously, and has a little of bad luck for the next two weeks. He goes for a consultation. She’s unexpectedly interning for the underground.

Then someone asked if Zodwa Wababtu’s mental health was okay.

To be honest, we are not the best individuals to pass judgement on some issues. Whatever Zodwa chooses to do is her decision, and we have the authority to criticise her. Because no one knows if she is faking it or has a genuine calling.

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