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Who owns Konka? Meet the young businessman behind the luxury nightclub

Konka is a popular night hangout in Soweto, known for attracting celebrities and wealthy people from all over South Africa. Who owns Konka? You are about to find out.Kutlwano Pitso owns Konka. He is a young South African businessman.Kutlwano Pitso’s early careerPitso is a marketing professional. He completed a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing…

He started by selling fragrances and learning how customers behave from the business.Like most entrepreneurs, Pitso also worked for others before he started his businesses. In 2010, he worked as a researcher at a company called Foshizi.

A year later, he started a job at M-Net as a marketing assistant. He spent ten months in the role before being promoted to become a marketing executive. After spending two years as a marketing executive, Pitso became the Brand Manager.

The brand manager role was his last as s full-time employee.Konka’s owner Kutlwano Pitso’s business journeyPitso started Moja Cafe in Soweto in 2016, and its location was a perfect spot as he grew up in the area. He talked about the importance of knowing a place before doing business during an interview with Andile Khumalo.Pitso incorporated a car wash, hanging out the place and a restaurant in the business model. His ideas bore fruit as people flocked to the spot.

However, he highlights his struggles in setting up the business structures to function in the back offices. The business was not as glossy as people saw as he struggled in the background.Konka opened its doors to the public on Sunday, 23 May 2021.

Moja Cafe released the following statement during the launch:With the success of every great brand comes a need to evolve. It is with great pleasure that we announce that in December 2021 the Moja Café brand will be 5 years old, a brand that without your support would not be what it is today, as a result, we have extended our entertainment offering to a new venue known as KONKA situated in Pimville Square.

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KONKA is a lifestyle venue where you will get a chance to see your favourite artists and DJ’s perform while enjoying the luxury of a premium groove experience.Moja Café situated at the corner of Skota Street in Orlando East will now be a fully functional restaurant, car wash and chill spot suitable for the entire family. Patrons will have the pleasure of enjoying our authentically South African menu while enjoying the ambience that is Moja Cafe.

The future of Moja Cafe is exciting as well, soon we will be entering new territory and expanding into malls and various hot spots in Mzansi.We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support over the years. We are looking forward to many more years together.

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